What’s up with Chuck?

So the question of the moment for NCSU football fans is should he stay or should he go?  Even as bad as this season has been I’m in the camp that votes for keeping him… at least for another year.

He’s an excellent recruiter and the program has generally been off-the-field, incident free.  Can’t speak for graduation rates.  Have no clue on that one.

The win/loss record is not great and three straight losses to UNC are not good (nor tolerable).  I wonder if Chuck would have lasted this long without the benefit of Phillip Rivers.

I have feeling that if NCSU can win or keep it close against ECU on Saturday, he will return.  If we lose big to ECU, he and university may not be able to survive the firestorm.

~ by Genevieve on 2006.11.23.

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