MSN: another non-factor offering

Since I just panned the Zzzzune, I should go ahead and pan MSN which is an equally useless endeavor from MS. I have never used it… wait, let me correct myself. To be totally honest I should count those times that MSN opened by default in IE as I configured a new PC. Otherwise, my usage is zero (with no plans to increase it to usage of one).

What I wonder is how much further the numbers would drop on MSN if it didn’t come pre-configured on a new PC? I wonder if its usage would even be statistically significant?

Its interesting to sit on the sidelines and watch MS throw solutions at the wall in hope that something will stick.  They have become so desperate to develop a new form of revenue that will match the Windoze/Orfice cash cow.  Unforunately (for them), nothing to date has worked (nor is there anything I see on the radar that will).  I think they are doomed in the long run, irregardless of how much cash they have in the bank.

~ by Genevieve on 2006.11.18.

2 Responses to “MSN: another non-factor offering”

  1. What do you think of MSWord? Is there a better word processing progam I don’t know about?

  2. Word is fine, although there hasn’t been a significant improvement since Word 97. Same for Excel. PPT is just a royal pain in the a@#.

    I do use Outlook for office and home and generally find it to be solid.

    I still prefer the stripped down feel of Windows 2000 over XP (and it will run on PCs that XP would choke on). I don’t plan to touch Vista at all.

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