Count me on the side of those that are anti-Bonds as in Barry Bonds. No, I do not not want him to break the record… if does, I will not recognize it… and yes, I think he is guilty as h@#$ when it comes to steroids.

As to baseball, it could disappear tomorrow and I would not miss it at all. It once was the country’s “pastime”, but no more. Any one who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves. Strikes, steriods, salaries, etc. have all taken their toll.

It really has no hope to ever re-claim that title.

Baseball is past-its-time.


~ by Genevieve on 2006.10.20.

2 Responses to “755”

  1. So what’s the new “American” sport? Aren’t they all corrupt?

  2. Pro football would take that honor I would guess… although its not my favorite.

    Are they all corrupt? Yes, to some extent depending on the sport. The NFL has done much more about steriods than the other leagues, but its not perfect. There is still too much flying under the radar.

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