The Purrs/The Village Green

If a band plays to a near empty house, does it make a sound?  In this case, most definitely yes.

As you might deduce not many people turned out for this show at Local 506. Both bands have strong followings in the Northwest, but are making a tour through this part of country to support CD releases (and bring great music to our fair land).

For those of you who decided to stay home or go to the second night of CVB/BTS, your lose.  Two solid sets of tunes from two solid bands.

Here the setlist for The Purrs and more of my crappy camera phone shots:

The Purrs

The Purrs

The Purrs

and here’s a shot of The Village Green:

The Village Green

I wore my Sonicboom shirt in support the bands graciously coming to NC.  It made a good conversation piece to say the least and gave me an opportunity to talk to The Purrs.  A good group of guys (and grrl).   Talked to Craig and Jason (although I’m not sure which Jason it is) and shared a few words with whom I guess to be Dayna.  I *think* they were honestly thrilled to find a fan this far east (thanks to TIG and KEXP for the discovery).

I didn’t chat with The Village Green. Too fried to hang any longer after the prior night’s show… I’m just getting too old for this stuff.

Come back guys (and grrl) … both bands… it was excellent.

~ by Genevieve on 2006.10.14.

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