Another troubled Bush

Forget our embattled (and seriously embarassing) President.  Lets look at another Bush who has found himself in a bit of turmoil.  Is anyone surprised by the accusations against Reggie Bush and his family?  Not me.

I also think these accusations/suspicions played a small part in his not being selected number one in the draft.  Granted the Texans did need drastic help on defense, they were able to draft Mario Williams, sign him and get him into camp without a hassle.  Reggie, on the otherhand, gave NO fits, until he finally agreed to terms.

Since Reggie is no longer in college I suspect these allegations mean little other than the possibility that he may lose his Heisman.  USC has got to be sweating bullets, because they are the ones who will be burned by this if it turns out to be true. Not much justice in that, but that’s the way things may fall.

~ by Genevieve on 2006.09.17.

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