Take a good look Chuck

First let me say I have been and will continue to be a supporter Chuck. Generally you appear to be a good guy and you’ve done a lot for the NCSU football program.

With that said, your low class — actually ‘no class’ — comment about Akron and the use of nonqualifiers really pissed me off because it shows a lack a respect and a lack of character (which I would not normally associate with you).
You can b@#$ and moan all you want, but we lost. The game wasn’t lost on the last play. It was lost over four quarters. The player’s comments have said as much, but I have yet to read anything from you along these lines.

You need to take a good look in the mirror. I could care less about the win/loss record, but I do care about how our school and its team is perceived. Right now what should be staring back at you is an unacceptable image.


~ by Genevieve on 2006.09.14.

2 Responses to “Take a good look Chuck”

  1. To clarify things, Akron had 3 Non-qualifiers on their roster last year. There is only one on their team this year. Not ten. Oh, and Akron didn’t win their bowl game either. Chuck better shut up fast before he gets fired.

  2. I was informed today by a fellow NCSU alum that Chuck did accept the blame for lose on his radio show. I tip my hat to you Chuck for that, but it still does not excuse the non-qualifer dig.

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