Its a scary world

I’m looking to hire someone to work with me on the web stuff. I’ve finally reached a point where I just can’t get everything done.There’s just too much to do (and it bugs me to no end).

So I wrote out the job spec about two weeks ago and HR posted it to a couple of regional newspapers/online sites. I figured we would end up with a deluge of resumes. While it hasn’t been quite the volume I expected, the results have been truly scary.

There is one group of applicants who must take me for a complete idiot. Why else would someone with none of the qualifications and experience apply for such a position? And to top it off they state a career goal is something completely different than what the job offers. It amazes me the number of resumes that fall into this bit bucket. Are there really that many clueless people in search of a job? God help the people who hire them.

There are those who are too lazy to keep their resumes up-to-date as in “I expect to complete X by Y of 2005”. It’s now 2006 by my calendar. How about yours?

There are those who are trying to impress by listing that they know Word, Excel and PPT… Zzzzzzz.

The thing that really got my attention the most was spelling, as in misspelled words. Someone please explain to me how anyone can misspell words on a resume in today’s word processing/spellchecker blessed world.

Heaven help me.


~ by Genevieve on 2006.09.06.

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