CDs galore

I’ve been busy ordering CDs the last couple of days. First, the first three CDs from Say Hi To Your Mom (and a t-shirt I hope that fits). Second, the new Album Leaf CD from Sub Pop (save $2 while you can). Third, the new Frames CD and single from across the pond. Finally, from Sonic Boom the new Yo La Tengo CD (special promotion) plus Panda & Angel and the new one from Broadcast.

I still need to make a trip to Schoolkids because I have some special coupon to save some dollars on the new Pete Yorn CD (a promo from the show at the Cat’s Cradle).

I also have a $100 gift cert for Best Buy (thank you BG). I was in there today for something else and strolled through their CD section. Sad, very sad… with respect to the selection. They do carry bands that I listen to, but for the most part I had everything of interest. I guess I’ll save the cert until something better comes along.


~ by Genevieve on 2006.09.05.

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