worst coach in the country

I’m a NCSU grad. I am used to years of futilty in football. If you’re a grad (or fan) of any of the NC ACC teams, then you should expect the same. We are not national power houses, not matter how much we strive to be. We have our moments… we have or years, but generally we are just a step below the top. An 9-3 year is great, but a 7-5 is par for the course.

So what should I make of the statement by Stewart Mandel at SI about Coach Amato where he tags him as the worst coach in the country?

Mandel’s reasoning is — “The only way to measure it is coaches who get the least out of the most,” Mandel said of the rankings. “The last couple of years it has been pretty staggering that with that much talent on defense, they have gotten a .500 team out of that. The head coach must be held accountable.”

Hmm. I like Chuck. I think he’s got a great personality and he’s an excellent recruiter. He’s certainly done a tremendous amount for the program, wins/loses aside.

Is he the worst coach in the country? No. Absolutely not. Is he the greatest coach in the country? No, he’s not that either. Am I ready to see him go? No.

So what’s the problem? IMHO a lack of offense and the loss of Philip Rivers. Offense has been stagnant and/or non-existant since Rivers left. The replacements have not filled his shoes (but those are some big shoes to fill). Where Rivers could pull us out of a tight spot… make the right pass, make the right hand off… the followup QBs have not done it. No matter how awesome the defense has been… and its been exceptional… at some point you’ve got to put points on the board to win. And there have not been points.

Can you blame Chuck for this? On some level yes. You should have credible QBs in development and we didn’t. Does this make him the worst coach in the land? No. Should he be let go for this? No.

So what’s going to happen this year? The defense will not be as good… it can’t possibly be. The offense will be better and we will put more points on the board. We may win one or two games we shouldn’t and we will probably lose a few that we should win — don’t be surprised if we lose to Appalachian State.

I would say 8-4… possibly 7-5… with a trip to a minor bowl.

Hang in there Chuck. I’m still a fan.


~ by Genevieve on 2006.08.28.

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