I work in a hero department?

I do web design/programming, dtp, mac support, copier/fax support, some minor PC support on the rare occasion, and just about anything else I’m asked. I have no problem with that because it tends to make for interesting days (both good and bad).

On occaison I have been called a “hero”, but I certainly do not put myself in that class and I would never declare myself to be one.  Therefore, I find it funny that this article proposes that I work in a “hero” department.  If you’re an accountant you might want to skip it.  You missed out on the “hero” tag.


~ by Genevieve on 2006.08.28.

One Response to “I work in a hero department?”

  1. I work in a field that has a bad rap. I’m a salesman. I think my clients buy from me because I’m not the stereotypical salesman. Sometimes I’m a hero when I get them what they need in record time, but, man, when things go wrong they sure let you know.

    Maybe you should show your boss that thing you read, and demand more money being that you’re a hero and all.

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