qt real media player

Last week I loaded software on a new laptop.  The laptop is for in-store demos running ppt and videos so I installed the video gamut (pretty much). I upgraded the windoze media player, installed real player (basic) and iTunes/qt.  Can’t speak to qt, but the other two are rather underhanded on their installs. Both have check boxes during installation where you are offered to associate the player to the CD drive (to play music) and/or the DVD drive to play DVDs.  I ALWAYS uncheck these options so that the natively installed software will play DVDs and iTunes will cover the music.

Once the installation is complete, I have found that both players still make these associations irregardless of what I checked during the install.  I guess they are that desperate for you to make their player the default for your system.

I absolutely hate the real player. Its a bloated piece of garbage that I only install because a few people still cling to its formats.  After installation I go through all its options and turn off anything and everything that might exchange data with real.  Oh, and I love the registration part during setup.  I wonder if they realize that I use the same bogus information on every single install?

As to media player, its not the bloated headache of real, but it has one of the most confusing set of menus I have ever seen.  Nothing is where you think it is.  I have watched users pull their hair out trying to minimize, maximize and/or try to find the drop down menus.  No way that this interface passed a focus group of humans… microsofties maybe, but not humans.

I should offer up a complaint about iTunes/qt, but other than some minor pains in iTunes I am okay with both.  Going back to the media player interface, I have found that users who I know struggle using a PC/mac generally have no trouble at all with iTunes.  To me, that speaks volumes.

~ by Genevieve on 2006.08.27.

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