More restaurants woes

I decided to give Scrubway a try today, but didn’t even make it in the door. The line was that bad and they are that slow. I took one look and left.

Dinner at Panera followed the recent Scrubway trend as in “Sorry, we are out of that”. Zachary tried to order a turkey sandwich. They had no turkey and no tomato basil bread. So he settled for something else. For me, the Mediterranean Veggie sandwich — great sandwich — was screwed as well because its on tomato basil bread. I settled for sourdough. Not good.

Both of these falter in the face of my experiances with Arby’s in college. Two times at two different locations we ordered only to find that they were out of roast beef. How can a restaurant who’s main feature is roast beef be out of it? It still baffles me.


~ by Genevieve on 2006.08.22.

2 Responses to “More restaurants woes”

  1. Why not save some money and eat a good home-cooked meal? Chain restaurants are all crap!

  2. In a lot of respects that is true, but available time does not always play into your hands. Chains for me are generally for lunch when I am trying to cram a handful of errands into a one hour time period AND eat.

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