the passing of S

I went to the funeral home tonight. It was the passing of a friend from my high school graduation class and someone who I had also known through my Dad (my Dad and her dad worked together).

I had not seen her in at least 15 years and had not kept up with her other than what tidbits my Dad passed to me over the years. I wasn’t real sure how to respond when Dad called on Monday to tell me she had passed away. In one of his little tidbits I am sure he mentioned her battle with cancer, but I guess it never really hit home with me until his call.
It is a great loss… for her family and friends… and there were many who turned out. Like always, I have no idea what to say. Words seem so shallow. I could have cried if I let it happen.

As I said, we were not what I would call good friends… really just acquaintances… but she left her mark on me from the friendship she offered me in high school (which was something of rarity for me in those days). S thanks for that. You will be missed :-(


~ by Genevieve on 2006.08.16.

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