Say Hi To Your Mom

That’s not a request, its a band. Not sure how I discovered them. Maybe through KEXP or KCRW… or maybe through TIG. I can’t recall.

Anyway, well worth giving a listen.

And they do the right thing on their web site. You can download three MP3s from each CD… that’s three none streaming, none-Flash, none DRMed, none propriatary format tracks. They’re good tracks too… much like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, they smartly post some of the best songs from each CD. I bought their latest CD because of this and I plan to buy the others.

I do not understand bands who don’t offer up a sampling of their material. It puts me off when a band has embedded songs in a Flash app, or they use the sh@$$y MySpace player or only offer up a snipet. I need to be able to download it so I can listen to it in the office (which is the only place I really get to listen to tunes).

Bottom line: If you are making it hard for me to listen to your tracks, then there is a good chance I won’t.

p.s. Say Hi To Your Mom is coming to Charlotte on 8/16 (wish I could go but I am committed to the Jeff Tweedy show in Raliegh) and Wilmington on 8/17 (if it was a Friday or Saturday I would be there).

p.s.s. Come to the Triad/Triangle… PLEASE.


~ by Genevieve on 2006.08.14.

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