Eels show

It was different… excellent, but different.

But first let me say that you should not try to sell/give away a ticket at a show. When I arrived I walked past the line asking if anyone needed a ticket. From the looks I got you would have thought I had the plague. I guess they thought I was trying to scalp it, but all I wanted was to get rid of it. Finally, as the doors opened a gentleman in front of me asked about it. I told him it was no charge and he could not believe it. I think he was more amazed by his luck than anything else. I hope those folks who leered at me paid full price.

As for the the show… it may have been as packed as I have seen it at the Cat’s Cradle.  Older crowd than normal, but not by too much. The show ran just under two hours.  For anyone who was has listened to the ‘strings’ dvd/cd this was at the opposite end of the music spectrum from that.  It was hard driving, guitar playing, straight-on rock.

Here’s my token crappy camera photo (lo-res, dirty lens hell).


From left to right is Krazy Al, E, Knuckles and The Chet.

Krazy Al was something to experience. There was the shadow boxing, the martial arts exhibition, the high fives with the audience and the whip cream treat. I should also mentation that the drummer Knuckles opened doing a standup comedy routine that was actually pretty good.

My only disappoint for the evening was in t-shirts (as in I didn’t get one).  The limited edition tour shirt was only available in small… and although I am not big, there was no way it would have fit me.

For more on this Eels tour check the Rolling Stone blog (much better picture too).


~ by Genevieve on 2006.08.10.

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