Riding home from work yesterday I heard an interesting dicussion on NPR about whether Kodak would survive long-term as a company. One opinion was that they were doomed. Kodak makes their real money off printing pictures and people are just not doing that anymore. The example offered was how people take pictures with their camera phone or digital camera and then pass the camera around to their friends for a look. The other opinion was that there was money to be made in printing and that Kodak was on target with their thermal printing technology. Kodak only needed to target females because they were the ones lining up to print pictures.

I’m in the former camp myself. The latter camp probably thinks faxing is still a great technology (seeing that faxing still requires ink and paper).If I do anything with my pictures its forward them on to other via email. Occaisonally, I’ll print one for the office wall (pictured), but that’s not going to be on any Kodak printer or printer with Kodak technology.

The Office

If Kodak can’t make money off their cameras then they really are doomed.


~ by Genevieve on 2006.08.03.

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