So I walk into a Gap to buy some new jeans. I look around and all I see are ‘distressed’ jeans (as the industry likes to label them i.e. jeans with holes, jeans with stains, jeans with worn spots). And I am thinking “Am I suppose to pay $40-50 for these?” I am trying to buy jeans that are NOT in this condition so I can wear them on casual fridays. I ask the salesperson and he points me to a small stack of non-distressed jeans that is on the bottom shelf of a display (to keep them from tainting the coolness of the distressed ones the are all over the store). Luckly I managed to locate a couple of pairs in my size and to my benefit they are on sale (to rid the store of them as soon as possible). I am sure the salesperson thought I was most uncool person to grace his presense for the entire day.

It gets better.

I go into a JCrew hunting for khakis. What do I find? The same d@#$ distressed pants! Someone please tell me how these pants can be acceptable for the office? For hanging out in bars and such, sure, but not for the job. Again I ask the salesperson about non-distressed pants and he points me to a small stack that is yet again on a sale table. I hope the uncoolness of my choices did not rub off on him.

Someone please tell me what either company is thinking? Sure, the distressed look goes over with the younger crowd, but they have completely cut off any sales to a person looking for acceptable wear for the office. I can kind of see this at the Gap, where they are trying to appeal to a younger demographics, but JCrew? Please.


~ by Genevieve on 2006.07.20.

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