Charlotte redux

I must have been one of the walking dead. As I left the business center at the airport I spotted the power outlets. The outlets were available in certain chairs, but I missed this when I walked in because all those chairs were occupied. Oh, well.

While I waiting for my plane two things happened. First, a man walked up to the check-in counter and asked about a missing bag. The women asked “How long has your bag been missing?” The man replied “Since March”. She laughed… and rightly so. She asked if he had turned in a claim. He said no. She stared in utter disbelief. She wen on to say that bags are generally held for one to three days and then they are shipped to the baggage consolidation center. He said okay, asked about how to contact the center then walked away. What a moron.

The second thing was the gentleman that sat down beside me in the terminal. He had on one of those bluetooth borg ear pieces that look so utterly stupid. They are always a bad sign; the sign being that this person is going to talk on the phone nonstop. And he did.

By the time we boarded the plane I knew everything about him. He was a dentist. He had just come from a weekend at the Grove Park Inn. He shows dogs. His daughter has just started dating… and on and on and on. God help us all when cell phones usage is allowed on planes.


~ by Genevieve on 2006.07.15.

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