The red-eye certainly deserves its name. The captained turned on the cabin lights this morning and everyone had the death warmed over look. Not a smile in the crowd.

What an horrible flight.

There were three little girls behind me who fidgeted almost the entire time. It was like having my own personal turbulance generator as they continually bumped the back of my seat. Everyone was trying to sleep and there they sat with their overhead light on tapping away on a PSP and flipping through magazines. Parents no where in sight.
About mid-flight a man a couple of rows up woke up from a yelling from a nightmare. That quickly woke everyone around him (including myself).

At the moment I’m sitting in the Charlotte airport in what is labeled asthe “Business Center”. It has free wireless and good seating, but where the hell is the power? Where are the receptacles?

If I’m waiting to get on a plane why do I want to drain my batteries sitting in an area that should offer power. I just don’t get it.

~ by Genevieve on 2006.07.14.

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